How to install PUBG Pc Lite in India?

How to install PUBG Pc lite?

How to install PUBG Pc Lite in India?

On July 4 PUBG pc Lite the most popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be Officially launched in India

PUBG is the most popular game in India since 2018 there is so much craze about this game in India after launching of this game there are so many players and streamer came into spotlight and gained much  popularity  

PUBG Pc Lite is basically low specification requiring game can be run on low end Pcs

It will be free to play this game in India

This game will run on your potato pc too

This game can be played smoothly without any lag as servers are installed in India so there will be low Ping and game will run smoothly  

Soon PUBG PC Lite will be available on steam.

This game will run on integrated graphics card too there is no need for dedicated graphics card to run this game

The size of game is 2.3GB after downloading setup file

Here’s How to install PUBG Pc Lite in India?

 For downloading this game first check the specification in picture below

PUBG Pc Lite specifications

  go to this official link (click here )

And click on download button

After installing setup file the game will start to download the game   this will require your login details or you can simply login with Facebook

Now accept the term and conditions and choose your nickname   

Enjoy the game!!

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